Kathy S.

I love these aspects of the Trilogy Talisman- Grippy leather, the way my horse moves in it- she is much more comfortable in the sitting trot and it feels very balanced and secure when jumping.

Deb L.

I love this saddle! It fits my Connemara perfectly and is amazing in assisting me to keep the proper position!! My riding was stalled but thanks to this saddle, and a good trainer, I am moving forward! And it was comfortable from the first ride. Thank you Trilogy!

Stephanie B.

My purchase was largely influenced by my saddle fitter- her expertise and service was so important to me, and I love the fit of the saddle as well.

Sandy P.

My saddle fitting experience was so positive that I ended up purchasing a brand new saddle. I have always purchased used saddles and just made due. My horse is a difficult fit- Fresian, Saddlebred, Clydesdale cross and this saddle has really pr9ovided the freedom in his shoulders that he needed. And I feel confident and secure in this saddle. Great job Trilogy!

Angela C.

This is my first dressage saddle. There were only a few choices for me due to my horse’s confirmation and size combined with my size- I’m 6’1”. When we tried the Trilogy Verago both I and my horse knew that this was the perfect saddle for us!

Kaitlyn K.

This saddle has helped me to excel rapidly as a new dressage rider. I hope to be competing soon in this saddle and am confident the saddle will help to make me a better rider.

Margaret W.

I had been struggling for approximately two years with a previous saddle that slid forward all of the time. Every time I had it reflocked it felt good for a couple of weeks and then reverted back to sliding forward. I rode in an Amadeo saddle when my friend was buying her Trilogy and was amazed at how it did not move forward at all. It kept my leg and seat centered. With my old saddle I was constantly readjusting my seat and leg as I rode.

Pamela T.

Great saddle! Love the way it fits both me and my horse. It really keeps my leg where it should be and helps me sit better into my horse’s back. Love it!

Ally D.

Ever since I switched to Trilogy saddles my horse has become more expressive and freer through his back. I love the comfort of these saddles and the support they give my position. I love my saddle so much! Thank you Performance Saddlery- best customer service ever!

Tamara J.

Loved my saddle fitter! She was very knowledgeable and friendly and I am really enjoying my new Trilogy!

Emily C.

I am very excited about my new Verago saddle. I now feel my leg hanging down around my horse’s body and I also find that I am able to use my seat more effectively. It’s a change that has made a big difference in my riding these last weeks. The Trilogy saddles are wonderful because they offer the rider the perfect amount of support but without reeling restrained and just enough freedom to allow the rider to use their leg and seat efficiently and effectively.

Renee F.

My fitter was wonderful to work with. She knows her stuff. She let me sit in the different saddles and make my own decision. The saddle gets better the more I ride in it. I also appreciated the information on how to care for my saddle that my fitter shared with me. I got none of that when I purchased another brand before- even though I waited close to a year to get that saddle!

Johanna F.

I absolutely adore my new saddle. I rode in my friend’s saddle a few times and “the Heavens opened and the angels sang!” Actually I liked it so much that I did not bother trying any more saddles, (having already ridden in several other brands at my barn.) The short flap fits me beautifully and it fits my narrow-ish mare exceptionally well. My fitter was great by the way- I am very happy with her and will definitely recommend her and Trilogy!

Isabelle B.

My fitter was a pleasure to work with and the whole approach was very professional, knowledgeable and fun. I have been riding in my new saddle for about a week now and it feels great and it looks like I will finally have the chance to sit the medium and extended trot! I would recommend the Trilogy saddle to any of my students!

Brianne P.

What a beautiful and comfortable saddle! Thank you for all of your help in finding the correct fit and thank you to my fitter for creating the perfect fit for my horse. Both of us are fit to a “T”

Joan C.

I love the way the saddle fits my horse and myself. We both love it. I feel like now we will be allowed to excel. I can’t wait for the next ride everyday!

Maurine F

I truly love both of my Trilogy saddles. They fit both me and my horse. They have helped so much with our work. I cannot thank the Trilogy team enough for the wonderful work and standing behind your product with great customer service. Thank you, thank you!

Catherine S

My fitter did an excellent job fitting my horse and me. I am very impressed with the quality of this saddle.

Leslie B

I resisted getting the “popular” saddle in our area for a long time but finally realized I couldn’t fit my own saddle. My fitter was very subtle and showed me that my current saddle didn’t fit. The difference was amazing- I can now ride my horse and not fight with the fit of my saddle. My horse is soooo happy!

Cindy P

I was very impressed with the service my fitter gave me. She took considerable time with me to be sure everything was correct. I also liked the information that my fitter gave me on the correct care of the saddle. She went over everything with me to be sure I understood. The saddle is wonderful! My horse is happy and my position is already better. Thanks for a good experience and product.

Vicci A

My riding and my horses’ responses were much better even on my first ride in my new saddle. I was able to get her to take the correct lead more consistently. My horse is more willing to get back to work after a break as well.

Allison H

I tried 10 different saddles and the Trilogy saddle fit me and my horse the best. It held me comfortably in position. It was one of the more expensive saddles I tried buy my horse’s comfort (and mine) were more important than the cost.

Nona M

I tried the Trilogy saddle at a dressage show 5 years ago. I instantly knew from the feel that this was the saddle I wanted once my young warmblood would begin upper level work. I knew it would be more than a saddle- it would be a necessary tool for the demands of training that intensely. This year my horse has started the advanced work and I immediately knew it was not time the the balance, support and excellent fit a Trilogy saddle offered! I love, love, love the support ant correctness it offers. We are training brilliantly! Chocolat and I thank you!! Our success will definitely be attributed in part to your product and service!

Lynn C

I love the deep seat, narrow twist, support and shorter flap of my Debbie Special. The leather is high quality. The quick delivery and customization was greatly appreciated. My horse loves the saddle and moves so much better. And I spend less time just trying to keep myself in the right position in the saddle. Now I can just relax my hips and leg…oh what a feeling!!

Dina G

My new saddle is beautiful! I feel comfortable, my horse seems very happy and I feel safe on the trails. My fitter is wonderful-she explained everything and took her time. Thank you Trilogy! Beautiful saddle!

Debra R

I have had the opportunity to ride in several brands of saddles but felt I was swimming around in them. When I tried a Trilogy saddle I felt like I had a custom, made for me saddle. Very secure in the seat and my leg position is perfect. The saddle is well made and almost totally broken in feeling from the start.

Lynn P.

Love this saddle! It allows me to sit in balance- my horse moves very freely, no hesitation. It is very comfortable for both of us.

Christiana C.

I wasn’t looking for a new saddle as I thought mine was perfectly adequate. I had a lesson on one on JJ Tate’s schoolmasters and was impressed at the saddle fit for me. I tried it on my own horse and was hooked. A “skeptical” friend had to admit, after watching me ride that she could see a huge difference in my position with my Trilogy. ‘Nuff Said….

Patti F.

I love my Trilogy Debbie McDonald saddle! It fits me like a glove and my horse moves beautifully. The saddle is a dream!

Andrea B.

My new saddle was a perfect fit the first time I rode in it. The comfort and fit for both my horse and me has been exceptional. My fitter answered every question I had and took extra time with me to ensure all details were explained. I wish all service personnel were as thorough as she was! What a wonderful experience!! From service to saddle I know I made the correct choice!

Sharon S.

In the 3 years I have had my horse I have had 2 other brands of saddles and now have a Trilogy! The first saddle I had did not fit so I tried another brand. That saddle fit my horse better but my position was difficult to maintain as it was harder to stay balanced. I rode in my friend’s Trilogy and my balance and position improved. The Trilogy puts me in the right position and allows me to move while staying balanced. My horse if uphill and short-backed and the Trilogy fits him correctly, not sliding up on his shoulders to interfere with movement.

Sherrie R.

My Verago fits my horse perfectly. It is very comfortable and it is helping me to be more balanced.

Deborah S

This is my first real dressage saddle. My new Trilogy feels great and with the first couple rides in it my trainer and I both noticed a huge difference. I am really looking forward to working in it.

Maurine F

I am really happy with the quality of my new saddle. Within the first two rides I was able to develop collection with ease. I feel that my saddle is no longer holding my horse and I back. “GP here we come!” As soon as I get my old saddle sold I will be back for a second Trilogy!

Mary L

I felt that my balance improved even from the test ride! I couldn’t wait to get my own. My fitter did a great job. It is a relief to have found a saddle fitter that I can trust.

Cynthia R

I like my Debbie McDonald because I do not feel locked into the seat. The leather is great quality with ample padding and width to the panels. Also I like the fact that it was delivered by a representative who fitted it to my horse on site. It was flocked and I have a fitter to call when it is time for a recheck. I never got that service before.

Siri L

I got to try the Amadeo at my trainer’s place and I fell in love instantly. I also had a great experience with the saddle fitter. I would absolutely recommend this saddle!

Brook M

I was very impressed with the quality and service of Trilogy saddles. The saddle fitter really worked with my horse and I to fit the saddle to our specific needs. I absolutely love my saddle and wouldn’t trade it for anything. Thanks again for excellent and amazing service.

Pat G

I love my new Trilogy. I am very comfortable in it and I know my horse is also. I’m much more secure-I love it!

Sue D

This is my second Trilogy saddle. They put your body in the proper alignment. The soft leather keeps you from sliding around. My previous Trilogy held its value and sold very quickly.

Deborah N

My fitter was extremely helpful! My Morgan has low withers and a flat back and my Verago fits her perfectly. I was also very pleased that my saddle came so quickly.

Robin D

My Trilogy fitter was very helpful and patient with the fitting of my horse. She was prompt upon arrival and stayed until she felt I was happy. I would recommend her to anyone looking for personal and professional help with fitting their horse.

Annie, Waynesville, OH

Dear Trilogy,

Just wanted to thank you, yet again, for making such a great saddle. My horse has come a long way!! We just recently completed our silver medal, which could not have been done without a great saddle and my great saddle fitter. I attached a picture to share with you all!

Kathi Hammond

Just a few quick words to tell you how much I love my Trilogy.

I had been looking for a new saddle a few years back, and a barnmate had a Trilogy Verago in the Elite leather. She let me try it out for a lesson, and my position improved immediately. I did not hear "Don't lean forward!" or "Move your legs back!" at all during that lesson, and those were comments I heard constantly in my old saddle!

The saddle is very comfortable, helps me stay in the correct position, and my horse loves it. Your saddle fitters are very knowledgeable and each time I've had it reflocked, it has been better than ever.

I'm attaching a photo of me and my horse Jack, at a show in August 2010. We rode First Level for the first time in this show, and won all of our classes with respectable scores in the 60's!

Thanks for your patience and your great product, and good luck in the future!!

Erin Morris
Highland Sport Horses

My Trilogy Verago has been the best saddle I have ever ridden in! It has helped me find a wonderful connection with my upcoming FEI horse, St. Anton, where others have impeded progress. Thank you for producing such wonderful saddles that create so much harmony, balance, and comfort for both the horse and rider! Two of my clients have also now purchased this saddle and it has brought them huge leaps and bounds forward already in their riding!

Barb S

My daughter loves her Trilogy saddle! The Trilogy helps her to sit a huge trot. She loves how it fits her horse as well. They both have been very hard to find the perfect saddle for and finally we discovered the Trilogy! Our fitter was great to work with as well.

Donna Q

Love the feel of my seat bones deep in this saddle. Lovely quality of leather and workmanship. My saddle fitter was great, very knowledgeable- a pleasure to work with. I would recommend Trilogy to everyone!

Stacie D

I am very pleased with Peter’s Amadeo Elite. His temperament has changed and he seems much more comfortable. For me it is the most comfortable saddle in the barn.

Sharon S

I had no intention of buying a new saddle but when I rode in the Amadeo I knew I needed one. My position noticeably improved and my Andalusian moved more freely forward and relaxed. I am amazed at how the Trilogy Amadeo promotes correctness and comfort. Can you tell- I love it! And, so do my horses.

Beth G

My riding has improved quite a bit since acquiring my new saddle. I love it and my fitter is very knowledgeable and supportive.

Petra J

I’m very excited about this saddle. My sitting trot improved immediately. It fits my horse beautifully and my rep is wonderful!

Carolyn G

I love, love, love this saddle! I could immediately feel that it put me in the correct position.
My hip joints are finally opening!

Kathy C

Love this saddle. Finally a saddle that fits me and my horse. I couldn’t have done it without my fitter- she is very knowledgeable and patient!

Kristin S

Unlike any other saddle I have ridden in. My Trilogy allows my horse the comfort he needs to perform at his best, in addition to providing me with the non-restrictive support I need for proper position and optimally effective aids. I love my Trilogy!

Kathryn K

The design and quality of this saddle allowed immediate comfort to my horse and myself.

Tom M

I started riding about 16 months ago and while my mare is not fussy about her saddle, she is very happy with the Trilogy and is much more tolerant of my “transgressions” I am not fighting for leg or seat placement and as a result I am much quieter in the saddle and am now concentrating on riding and not just saddle position. Thanks! My fitter has been a great inspiration!

Kathy G

I have known Debbie Witty for many years and consequently have had numerous opportunities to enjoy being a recipient of the knowledge she has regarding saddles and fitting. Plus, she knows what’s best for the horse. She has always been courteous, respectful, and nonjudgmental and 250% involved in the whole process. She really cares that everything works out right!

Kathy R

I test rode a horse several years ago. When I was finished with the test ride, my trainer asked me “what I thought” My response was- I really like that saddle!!! It was a Trilogy!

Cheryl R.

First of all I want to express my sincere thanks to my Trilogy saddle representative and my riding instructor, for their support. Together with their knowledge in saddle fitting, as well as the correct riding position and the horse's physiology and movement, they have taught me the importance of riding in a balanced, effective saddle. I own two half-Arabian’s and in the past three years I have tried six different brands of Dressage saddles along with numerous saddle fitters. The saddles would slip either side-to-side or forward and even though saddle fitters would shim and try to fit the saddles correctly, it seemed something caused me to feel insecure. I was scared to canter my horses because I did not feel safe. I purchased two Trilogy Verago saddles and it is the best purchase decision I have ever made. In two weeks, I have been able to ride comfortably and canter my horses. My position and my horse’s posture have improved dramatically. I attended my first “dress up” dressage show and scored in the 60’s on all tests on both horses. It was awesome. Trilogy saddles and the follow up support are incredible and this is the reason I made the investment in Performance Saddlery. Thank you for a wonderful experience.

Lynda C

I love the Trilogy! Saddle making and saddle fitting at its finest! Helped my position and helped me to achieve my goals. No more fighting the forward tilt. My back feels wonderful too! Very happy.

Catherine C

I love your saddle. The Friesian is “expressive” so your saddle and the seat I get with it make me feel much more secure. Also, my back can tolerate much more sitting trot.

Carole P

Very comfortable, no sliding in the saddle. I have a correct line and sit straight- I sit in the saddle not on top.

Dawn S

It was so nice to have someone take the time to properly fit my horse. It took 4 years to find a saddle that fit the movement of my Friesian gelding and lots of massage and therapy on his withers and shoulders. Thank you Trilogy for a saddle that actually works with my horse’s movement.

Carolyn C

I am very pleased with the Verago saddle- comfort for both my horse and for me. It is a definite improvement in the performance of my horse- he is now a much more willing partner under saddle.

Marsha M

After two rides this saddle puts my leg in a better position, keeps it more stable and allows me to lengthen my stirrups.

Annie C

I love my Trilogy. I had no idea a saddle could make such a huge difference!

Amy B

I love this saddle so much I bought one for a 23 year old horse I don’t even own!

Caryn B

I like the openness of the seat in the Debbie Signature Series. It keeps me from falling forward. I am impressed with the quality of the leather- its suppleness, even new and the personal attention my horse and I received from our fitter.

Lynette M

My fitter was very knowledgeable and patient when fitting the saddle. She took time to evaluate the horse, his use and his condition before fitting him. Then she followed up with me to see how things were going.

Bridgett C

I love my magic saddle!! I no longer have to struggle to obtain a correct seat position- now I can just ride!

Carol S

My fitter is great and checks in with me often for adjustments- very important to me!

Chris B

My fitter did an excellent job of bringing saddles for me to try. She is very knowledgeable and helpful!

Linda W

I already had a saddle but a friend at the barn has a Trilogy that I had ridden in. When the fitter was there to check on my friend’s saddle, I tried saddles for my horse who approved of the Debbie McDonald saddle immediately! My fitter suggested that I consider my options but I knew 2 other people with Trilogy saddles who both love them and I already knew the fitter so I saw no point. My horse was immediately more forward and round when we tried the demo saddle on him- he voted yes!

Margie H

I initially resisted the deep seat since I have generally preferred minimalist saddles but I gave in to the stability it offers, particularly the fit on my sensitive horse’s back. She is so much quieter now! My fitter did a fantastic job.

Rebecca C

Thanks for a great fit for my Quarter horse and I. My next dressage saddle will definitely be a Trilogy too.

Hilari F

I like my new Trilogy so well I am buying one for my other horse!

Juliana W

After riding in my deep-seated dressage saddle for months, I was concerned that the Talisman would no be as secure. When Duncan gave on of his rear end adjustments on our second ride, the buck left us both surprised when I rode through it without losing my balance. Thank you Trilogy!

Karen T.

My mare put her head down more and is more balanced in this saddle. I can really think about my legs and thighs in the saddle. The leather softness makes me want to sit taller and it is so comfortable I don’t want to get off.

Teri T.

This is the best fitting saddle I have ever owned. Great to ride in. My riding has improved 100%!

Patty H.

Very good service and availability of saddle fitter.

Lisa K.

I was skeptical that a beginner adult like me would benefit from such a luxurious saddle. Well, it has helped me tremendously!

Lynette M.

My fitter was very knowledgeable and patient when fitting the saddle. She took time to evaluate the horse, his use and condition before fitting him. Then she followed up with me to see how things were going.

Judy W.

The saddle is superb not only in the fit for the horse but extremely centered and comfortable for the rider.

Julie B.

Wonderful saddle and my fitter was fabulous in her patience and expertise.

Alyssa H.

My horse, Lucy, for which my Verago Elite was fitted, seems more content than she has been while being ridden in our terrific new saddle. My sales consultant is a fantastic saddle fitter for several reasons. Her knowledge of the anatomy of both horse and rider, the sport of dressage and her warm and caring manner provides a sense of trust which I found exceptional. A great professional!


He bucked, be bolted, he whirled, he stopped dead and I RODE IT ALL!!!!!!!! When I could speak, the first words out of my mouth were "I love this saddle!" Thank you, again.

Sharon Z.

To say I love my new saddle would be an understatement. I feel so secure in that wonderful deep seat.
It's also correcting a couple of bad habits I've developed. I haven't always been the best about using a mounting block (I know, I know) but with the cantle being as high as it is, I find that it's much easier to get on from the mounting block than from the ground.
Also, my legs fall naturally in better position and it's helping me to not push my feet too far forward (still working on not going too far back, especially at the canter - can't have everything.) I'll dedicate my next blue ribbon to you!

Katherine H.

My horse was becoming increasingly "crankier" in my previous saddle. When I tried my friend's Trilogy Verago Elite on him, he seemed so much happier, freer in his shoulders, more springy and forward. I also liked the support of the deep seat and the fact that the saddle put me in correct alignment so I decided it was time for a new saddle. My horse and I are both very happy with our new Verago Elite! My fitter was great to work with- I appreciated the patience in letting me try the demo saddles and helping me decide which model and size to get.

Jacquie H.

I love my new saddle! My scores have gone up 10% points!

Heidi C

My horse and I both love this saddle- it puts me in a great position and allows his shoulders to move more freely. The service has been great.

Theresa D.

I love my saddle! I feel I have discovered my aids!

Karla S.

I just love my new saddle. From day one, it was the most comfortable saddle. The Debbie Special really helped my position. I never realized how much of a difference a truly correctly fitted saddle for horse and rider could mean. I can’t say enough about my new saddle. Thank you.

Billie F.

I am totally happy with my new saddle and everyone I dealt with from Performance Saddlery and my fitter! My Amadeo fits like a glove!

Michelle M.

I love my new Trilogy saddle and so does my horse. Our fitting and purchase of the saddle was a wonderful experience. Our fitter was extremely helpful and friendly throughout the entire process. I would recommend this saddle to anyone!

Tina B.

I am thrilled with my fitting consultant, the service and the comfort and quality of my Trilogy saddle.

Sarah V.

It’s amazing how much difference a saddle can make. My horse is much more willing, obedient and supple. I am able to ride better, comfortably and in correct position. My fitter’s service was wonderful.

Carey C.

I love everything about my Trilogy saddle. Finally, I am not hearing “sit back” from my trainer. This saddle makes sitting correctly the only option.

Laurie J.

My fitter is great! I never felt pushed into purchasing but she did such a good job that the saddle sold itself!

Marny N.

This was a great experience! My fitter’s help and guidance was very beneficial. This company, the service and promptness was a 10+.

Amy M.

Trilogy saddles were the last brand I tried in a very long and expensive quest for a saddle that fit my horse and that I liked. I tried dozens of saddles and worked with other fitters. I almost bought a saddle that I hated simply because it fit my horse. I saw the Verago at Equine Affaire and met the fitter for my area. I fell in love with the saddle and prayed something would fit my mare. The fitter came out and was phenomenal to work with! I got to try the Verago and the Amadeo and the fitter worked hard to assess the fit for both my horse and myself. When my new saddle came in I was ecstatic. It fit my horse to a T and I love it! For the first time in over a year, my horse has a saddle that she is happy to work in! I can’t thank you enough!

Diane C.

Great Saddle and great service! I’m looking forward to many years of working with my fitter (who is fabulous by the way) and riding in these wonderful saddles!

Nola M.

The Trilogy saddles are very nice quality and so comfortable the minute you sit down in the saddle.

Lynne K.

I loved my saddle from the 1st time I sat in it! My horse also loves it!

Laurie W.

I really like the narrow twist. I finally feel my leg “drape” and it is much easier to ride now! I don’t have to work as hard and I get better results because I am more quiet when I ride now. I have lower back issues and this saddle is a joy to ride in. My back doesn’t feel like its jarring down when I sit anymore. I thnk my horse is much happier too! I feel so much closer to him too.

Audrey J.

Dear Performance Saddlery,
A few months ago, I was at a Dressage Camp and on a whim, I decided to test ride one of your saddles (The Verago).  From the moment that I sat in the saddle, I immediately felt like I was sitting properly and my young horse was much more forward and light into the contact. His back came up without difficulty and his shoulders became free, I felt like he was floating. I have had three other saddles and none of them have given me the feeling like the Verago.  When I returned home, I contacted my area fitter who placed my order.  She told me that it could take 8-12 weeks to receive the saddle. I was so disheartened because I was anxious to ride in my new saddle.  A few days later, Heather called me to notify me that the saddle would be shipped within 2 weeks.  I was ecstatic!! Finally, I would be able to ride like a "real" dressage rider.  Since I have received the saddle, my young horse has continued to progress.  It only takes a slight movement from me in the seat and he performs almost any movement that is asked of him. But that is not the end of the story...I also have a 22 year gelding that I have semi-retired.  The other day after I rode the young lad, I decided to ride the older gentlemen in my new saddle.  The first 5 minutes of the ride, he pinned his ears and definitely exhibited signs of irritation (I think he anticipated the other saddle "feel").  After that, he offered me his back...and became a totally different horse.  I can not tell you how good that made him feel.  I have my old guy back...who knows, maybe I will have to pull him out of retirement! This saddle was certainly a 2 for 1 deal.  Thank you Performance Saddlery for letting both of my guys ride in comfort and for putting me in a position for change.

Patti T

I purchased my first Amadeo Elite almost 2 years ago.  I was amazed at the fit and feel of the saddle and the comfort it offered.  Today I have two Amadeo's myself and two for the horses I complete for clients.  The most impressive part of owning Trilogy saddles apart from the terrific balance and quality is the service I receive from your fitter.  Anytime I am concerned the young horses have changed shape she comes and refits the saddles as necessary.  I have recommended and will continue to recommend the Trilogy to anyone looking for superior dressage saddle at a reasonable price.

Thank you!

Patti and Feike

Jane O

Dear Debbie,

I am having a difficult time writing this note to you.  I still cannot decide which was more impressive to me.  Your Trilogy Saddle, which I dearly love, or the fact that you came along with my fitter to check my saddle fit when I was having difficulties.

First, the saddle.  We are cantering!  This on a Quarter horse that could not get out of a lope.  With the new saddle, he moves forward for the first time in his life and I was not afraid to make him do so.  I always feel secure with this saddle. I am sitting around the horse and my legs are in the correct position.  For the first time, and many saddles later, I have a comfortable saddle that gives me the confidence to ride my horse. 

Equally as important, is the excellent service I received. I can't thank you enough for coming to assist with my saddle fit.  I am not an FEI rider and I do not have a $100,000 horse.  I am only a person who loves horses and always wanted to ride well. To have you come out to make sure my fitting issues were taken care of was nearly unbelievable.  It is very rare to find someone who makes a commitment to a product and stands behind it!  Thank you very much for your outstanding service and your desire to have me and my horse succeed.

Thank you very much.

Gina D

I wanted to let all petite riders out there in the dressage world (and I know you exist--everyone is not 5'10") that the Debbie McDonald Special is the greatest saddle for us. I am an FEI amateur rider (5'1") working on the Grand Prix movements and this saddle immediately centers me on my horse, puts my leg directly underneath me, allows and helps my leg to be as long as possible which greatly improves my communication to my horse. My horse and I have learned dressage together at every level for the past 15 years. This saddle fits him fantastic and even at his age, he is already developing the muscles properly and looks great! I want to thank you and my horse thanks you for opening a whole new world of comfort and hopefully, many more years of continued learning in dressage.

Deborah B

This saddle is fantastic! So comfortable! My fitter was very informative and helpful. I enjoyed the process and love my saddle very much.

Jayne N

My fitter was very knowledgeable and was very generous with her time with both the pre-purchase fitting and final fitting after my saddle arrived. The entire experience was very pleasant and the wait was well worth it. I love the saddle.

Cindy P

I love how the new saddle feels “alive.” My horse moves more freely and seems to be happier!

Karin W

We received superb service from out Trilogy fitter and Performance Saddlery. Our saddle is top quality, comfortable and fits my extra wide-backed Morgan perfectly.

Patty L.

After switching to Trilogy from other “custom” saddles, no more sore seat bones! Trilogy saddles are the best for me and my horses and ponies! Thank you.

Fiona M

I love these saddles! We just purchased a second Verago Elite for my daughter. This will help her seat. Great quality leather and hardly any break in time!

Alex A

I love my Amadeo Elite! Thank you for making it. My horses are comfortable and moving better than ever. I can finally concentrate on riding instead of fighting my position.

Regina S

At last a combination of function, style and stellar customer service. The right saddle is critical for success!

Kathleen S

I absolutely love my new Verago Elite. I feel very secure and stable in it. My horse seems to be more willing and happy also.

Melody M

My horse has a really springy trot, especially in medium and extended trot work. The Amadeo Elite has really helped my leg to not move so much. I’m more secure in riding in this saddle and my horse has more freedom moving now.

Regina S

I love the saddle and service! I have had other custom saddles for years and the Trilogy exceeds my expectations!

Patty L

I was really happy that the Trilogy saddles were recommended to me. I’d had several less than satisfying saddle purchases in the past five years and didn’t need another saddle that didn’t work for me or the ponies. The Trilogy fit me very well and I think they are the most comfortable I’ve ever had. Very important for the over 50 age group!! THANKS!!

Debbie L.

I am thoroughly enjoying my new saddle. I have a big moving horse and the Trilogy saddle provides the stability I need to stay with his movement.

Nicole G.

I really like the quality of construction and leather. My fitter was great! She brought demos for me to try and was patient with me. She gave constructive comments that helped me with my choice. Very knowledgeable.


As an FEI rider and instructor using many different saddles during my 50 year riding career, I have found that my new Trilogy Verago saddle is by far the best fitting and best balanced saddle that I have owned. Since owning this saddle, my scores have improved and my Grand Prix horse, Gretta, is moving with more grace and animation than ever before. The Trilogy Verago is indeed a superior saddle. I recommend it often to friends and students.

Corrine C

My fitter was so helpful in choosing my saddle. She watched me ride several times in the saddle to be certain I was in the correct model. She considered my horse’s needs when making the final adjustments. Great experience!

Patricia B

This saddle puts me in a better position over my horse’s center of gravity and helps me sit in a better position.

Candace P

I recently purchased a Trilogy saddle, Debbie McDonald Signature Series. My first concern when making a saddle change was my horse’s comfort.

This saddle sits back behind my horse’s large shoulder, which enables me to influence my horse more effectively. I really feel more centered over my horse, better able to keep his croup down and shoulder up. My horse feels more balanced and comfortable. He is more relaxed over his back and more attentive. Ready and willing to follow my aids.

Thanks so much for addressing the needs of smaller riders. This saddle opens my hips, but there is no extra bulk under my upper leg so my leg can drop down directly under my core. This positioning gives me the longest leg possible, which enhances my influence. I’m more connected, which helps me to connect my horse and keep him connected.

This wonderful saddle is also excellent quality. Strong where needed and soft where you want it. No feeling of break-in needed. It’s there supporting my position without getting in the way. I don’t have to think about the saddle- I can just ride and harmonize with my horse/partner.

Thanks for building this Trilogy saddle! I’m really enjoying the time I spend on my horse.


I love my Trilogy saddle. For the first time in all the years I’ve been riding Dressage I feel truly centered and secure in my seat. For years my instructors have been telling to get my leg back and under me, and no matter how much I tried I was never able to achieve that straight line from shoulder to hip to ankle. Now that I’m riding in my Trilogy saddle, I’m actually being told to move my leg forward just a bit. I’m blessed to own a retired FEI schoolmaster, but as a middle-aged Adult Amateur rider sitting his big trot has always been a struggle – if not an impossibility when it came to his medium and extended trot. The first time I rode in a Trilogy saddle was during a clinic and I was able to sit my boy’s trot for the entire lesson, including several diagonals of medium and extended trot work! I’m sure my horse is also much happier now that I’m no longer bouncing on his back.”

Best Regards,

Gina D, Maine NY

I wanted to let all petite riders out there in the dressage world (and I know you exist--everyone is not 5'10") that the Debbie McDonald Special is the greatest saddle for us. I am an FEI amateur rider (5'1") working on the Grand Prix movements and this saddle immediately centers me on my horse, puts my leg directly underneath me, allows and helps my leg to be as long as possible which greatly improves my communication to my horse. My horse and I have learned dressage together at every level for the past 15 years. This saddle fits him fantastic and even at his age, he is already developing the muscles properly and looks great! I want to thank you and my horse thanks you for opening a whole new world of comfort and hopefully, many more years of continued learning in dressage.

Carol B, Utah

The saddle fitter was outstanding. She came to our barn to do a saddle fitting clinic. All three types of Trilogy saddles were available to try. Once our saddles arrived (well within the expected time) She was very particular that the saddles fit both the horse and the rider correctly. She also went over the care instructions with each owner very carefully.

Cid F, California

The moment I sat in the Verago Elite saddle I knew it was perfect for me. My "sit" bones went right in place and my legs as well. I was fortunate to be able to try many good saddles but this one was perfect at the "get-go".

Nikki P, California

I was very impressed with your saddle fitter. Her knowledge and expertise were invaluable and now my horse and I perform better that ever. The Trilogy has been worth every penny!

Joanne S and Otto

IDear Performance Saddlery,

I cannot thank you enough for the time and patience your fitter took in fitting Otto and I for our Trilogy saddle. Her experience with horses was quite evident when you worked with Otto. He was immediately comfortable and cooperative in her presence. As I told her, that is not always the case with him and it can make saddle fitting a nightmare. Our experience with your fitter could not have gone better.

We are both pleased with the fit of our new Verago. It is the first saddle that I have put on my horse that never moves out of position and is perfectly level on his back. In the past, I have always felt I was adjusting my position from the minute I mounted my horse. With this saddle I sink right into position and have the support I need to maintain it. There was no "breaking in period". We have been in heaven since it arrived!

I am also amazed at the quick service. The very worst part about buying a new saddle is the wait period from purchase to delivery. I had my saddle in one week! When I decided I needed a new girth to go with it, it was at my door in less than a week! What else can I say but Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

Lyn F

This saddle is great! It puts me in the correct position and feels like I have been riding in my new saddle for years. My horse loves it and shows a real difference in willingness to move forward and come on the bit. I never thought I'd find a better saddle than I had but now I wish this saddle was available years ago!

Elizabeth H

I was very impressed by the saddle fitter's knowledge and her listening skills. I never felt like she was trying to just make a sale. Her expertise was very impressive and she knew exactly what I wanted and needed in a dressage saddle. She also knew what would be the best fit for my horse. Excellent service!

Vicki H and "Collie"

When I realized I needed a new saddle I panicked. We all know the trails and tribulations associated with finding a new saddle. Then I found the Trilogy and the rest is history! From the moment I sat in it, I was "home" and the decision to invest was easy! Not only is the saddle made exceptionally well but finally a design was engineered to truly fit a horses back. My mare has never gone better. I've never been more comfortable and the two of us are harmonizing. The saddle fitter for the Trilogy saddle was with me every step of the way and continues to be a valuable support system. Since my purchase, two of my friends couldn't resist either and have purchased a Trilogy as well! When it comes time to invest in a crucial part of your riding there's no longer a need for fear.

Thanks for a great saddle!

Patti R

I was very impressed by the saddle fitter's knowledge and her listening skills. I never felt like she was trying to just make a sale. Her expertise was very impressive and she knew exactly what I wanted and needed in a dressage saddle. She also knew what would be the best fit for my horse. Excellent service!

I just wanted to tell you that I love my new Trilogy Amadeo saddle! I really liked the saddle when I tried it and decided to order it. When it arrived and I tried it again I still really liked it but when it was flocked for my horse and I oiled it for the first time, the fit and feel was incredible. I’ve never had such a well fitted, stable saddle that is also extremely comfortable. There is no comparison to any saddle I’ve ever owned (and I’ve owned most of the top brands).

I’m sending a picture from out first show this year, Gaia and I have been a team since November and have been working very hard. At our first show in January we went 1st level Test 4 and got a 68% and also Adult Amateur Champion of the day. We have more work to do, but what a great way to start the show season. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy the superiority of this saddle, and now I feel I can use my aids much more effectively. Our goal is to qualify the CDS/USDF championships this year.

Thank you!

Patti and Gaia

Karen P

I recently purchased the Amadeo Elite dressage saddle with short flaps. I had just purchased a new horse and needed a new saddle. The representative, for my area brought the saddle, put it on him and it fit like a glove. The Elite leather was thick and luxurious. It felt already broken in. I then hopped on and the saddle fit me like a glove. My lower leg was immediately quieter and my shoulder, hip, heel alignment was spot on. I was able to sit his big trot more easily. Pandoer’s shoulders and haunches were free and swinging. Needless to say, I LOVE it!

I had a show the next weekend where Pandoer and I were showing 2nd level. We had beautiful tests and took two second places and one third. The saddle was a significant part of our success. I am looking forward to many harmonious rides on Pandoer with my new beautiful Trilogy.

Thank you for bringing this to the marketplace. I wish you great success!

Warm Regards,


Anne P and Lyric, Chimney Hill Farm

I am so pleased with my Verago! When I purchased my 10 year old Quarter horse, Lyric, I didn’t realize that I was going to have such a difficult time getting a saddle to fit him. I tried many other saddles and worked with a professional saddle fitter, but we just couldn’t seem to find the right saddle. This process went on for almost a year before my instructor, Sharon Brandes Myers, got me in touch with your representative. Your fitter was able to quickly diagnose our problem and I purchased the Verago. I am so pleased with the comfort and fit (not only for Lyric, but for me as well!) and your fitter has continued to monitor our progress and make any necessary adjustments during our “break-in” period. I also want to complement your company on your customer service and professionalism during the entire sale process. I am a customer service manager for a small distribution company and very much appreciate receiving the same exceptional customer service that I strive for in my own job. Lyric and I will be recommending Performance Saddlery every chance we get!!

Kaitlyn H

I tried many brands before selecting a Trilogy but after riding in it for a few minutes I knew that it was the right saddle. It instantly put me in “that” position that my trainer strived for. I no longer have to fight against the saddle. The difference in both of my horses is amazing. They both are so much better, resistances gone, happy in their work. I swore I’d never sell my other two high quality dressage saddles but now I have sworn to not ride my two horses in them again. That’s how big the change was. The leather is by far the nicest anyone I have shown it to has seen. I could not be happier with this saddle. Thank you so much, it is unparalleled!

Alyssa H

As soon as I sat in the saddle my legs and seat went to the proper, comfortable and correct position. My horse is much happier and so am I. I now believe we have a better chance of correct training and being successful at the upper levels. Thank you!

Amy T, A Proud Trilogy Rider

Dear Performance,
When I saw your ad for Trilogy saddles I thought “oh great, another saddle.” Then I sat in them at the USDF symposium. I had to wait in line because the booth was packed but the wait was worth it! The saddle and leather are exquisite and the saddle button is beautiful. Then I sat in it. I was sucked in to the leg and thigh area with a soft squishy seat. I immediately called and booked an appointment with my area fitter and I was not disappointed! My trainer feels that my second level horse is much more connected to my seat, I no longer struggle with my position- I am RIGHT THERE! My scores are soaring higher and higher. I will keep you posted!

Kim T

I was having trouble with my horse tripping, tossing her head, trouble going up and down hills and pinning her ears when saddled. I was losing my stirrups and could not get the sitting trot, my balance was terrible. I got my Trilogy saddle and all my problems went away! I almost sold my horse but with my new saddle I am so happy! It’s like I got a new horse! Thank you Trilogy!

Jayne F

This saddle is incredible, there was no settling in period, if felt great from the start. My mare has a very sensitive back and we have had no problems with her since using the Amadeo Elite.

Penny S

Dear Performance Saddlery,
My friend suggested that I try a Trilogy saddle. The reason was I have had three custom saddles and two catalog purchased saddles for my horse in the last two years and we still were not close to being satisfied. I had lost hope. I called your fitter and had them come out for a fitting. From the first moment I rode in the Amadeo it felt like magic, it made me cry! All this time I thought it was me. I can now communicate with my seat and leg in a way I thought was lost to me because of the close contact in the leg and thigh area. My horse is soft and responsive after two years of grinding teeth and an angry swishing tail.
Thank you, thank you, thank you Trilogy!

Courtney H

I am thrilled with my new Trilogy saddle! Thank you so much for creating such an excellent product! The quality and design of my new saddle is outstanding. Thanks so much!

Chris R

I would like you to know just how much I love my new Amadeo saddle that I received at Christmas and what a difference it has been to my horse, Tess and me. It feels as if it is molded to me and helps keep me on top of my horse with her huge, bouncy trot. I also would like you to know that your fitter is an absolute gem. She went out of her way to make sure everything was just right. I had probably tried out 15-20 saddles and my Amadeo was “the one.” Thank you again for your superb saddles and for the excellent customer service. What a difference Performance Saddlery has made to Tess and me.

Deanne B

Dear Debbie and Performance Saddlery,
I love my new Trilogy Verago Elite dressage saddle. I’ve known for two years that I would need a new saddle, but held off until my Oldenburg mare “Rhapsody” turned six and had reached her full maturity. My old saddle fit when we started her at three, but as she lost her baby fat and started to develop muscle… By age five we were using insert pads to try to balance the saddle and make it fit Rhapsody. My trainer, Ken Levy of Legacy Farm, Inc. – Noblesville, Indiana, recommended that I try a Trilogy, Verago. He felt that with its deep seat, quality construction and with the proper size, it would be what my mare and I needed.
During my test ride, the first thing I noticed was the immediate placement of my legs. I didn’t have to do anything, they just draped into the proper position. Another plus is the placement of the stirrup bars; I don’t even notice the stirrup buckles under my thighs: and it is so easy to remove and replace the stirrups when cleaning the saddle. It’s taken very little adjustment to get used to riding in deeper-seated saddle: I’m properly positioned, yet still able to move my “seat” to influence Rhapsody.
Prior to getting my Verago, Rhapsody and I were struggling. She would balk and pin her ears. “When your mare isn’t happy, no one’s happy!” Now we’re making progress, especially our canter/walk transitions, we’re right on the left and oh, so close to the right.
The day after I –purchased my Verago Elite, I rode in a two-day clinic with William Solyntjes (S) and the saddle felt like an old friend. It was a real treat not to have to “break-in” the saddle.
It is, again, a joy to ride my mare.
Thank you,


I can't begin to thank you enough for the wonderful job your fitting consultant did in helping me to select my Trilogy saddle and to fit my horse, Molly. Your fitter was professional, thorough, helpful, and such a pleasure to do business with.
I rode for about an hour today and Molly and I really got to know our new Debbie McDonald saddle. I am so pleased and just love it; it is everything I hoped it would be and more. Molly got "looser" and just felt like she was freeing up more & more. I could feel my position changing as time went on ....my leg got longer, my shoulders came back and my hips felt more supple......felt like I was able to sink deeper into the saddle and got more and more comfortable as I rode. I didn't want to get off!!!!
Thank you so much again for being so terrific.....can't say enough good things about your fitters and your product.

Hewan T

This saddle has made a tremendous difference in my riding in just days!

Suzette Y

I am really pleased that as a consumer of Trilogy saddles the customer service associated with servicing and fitting has been equal to the great quality of the saddle.

Cindy H

I have had my Trilogy Verago since January. First, let me say that your fitters program is unbeatable. The level of service and commitment to the customer is unsurpassed by any other company that I have worked with. My FEI horse has changed dramatically in his body due to his level of comfort. My trainer rants and raves to everyone about your saddle and how it has made me a more effective rider and my horse a very competitive FEI horse. I cannot thank you enough for designing and producing a product that really does make a difference!

Diane M

I am your classic petite rider, 5’0 and 95 pounds and ride a German Sport pony. Your Debbie Special fits all of our needs to a T. No more feeling of being spread out in my seat bones, bulky flap under my leg or searching for the thigh blocks. My saddle now aids in my riding and doesn’t get in the way. Thank you for addressing the needs of the shorter population!

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