Fitting Consultants

The journey of becoming a saddle fitter began for me about 15 years ago. The young horse I had at the time was becoming increasingly unhappy with his work for no apparent reason. I had gone through the laundry list of usual suspects: teeth, shoeing, diet, etc. to no avail. Finally, the only conclusion was the saddle. I knew that I needed help, so I started researching, and the results led me to Performance Saddlery. With some basic changes the results were dramatic! I was fascinated how simple changes dramatically altered the attitude and performance of my horse.
Along the way to becoming a full time saddle fitter with Performance Saddlery, I have had a very rich and varied equestrian career. I began with my first horse as a western rider, then rode hunter/jumpers. Reaching back to my childhood fantasy of Disney's “Miracle  Of The White Stallions,” what I really wanted to do was ride dressage. Back in the ‘70s, few equestrians had heard of dressage. But in California, then three-day eventer Hilda Gurney was the ultimate “go to” lady. I was lucky enough to have a mutual friend introduce us and so my dressage journey began.
Over the coming years I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to clinic and work with many great trainers, but I will always draw upon the foundation I received with Hilda. Living in California has given me access to many great riders and teachers, but I will always value most my time spent with Steffen Peters and Dietrich Von Hoffgarten.
Throughout the journey, I have trained horses, started lots  of youngsters, and taught young and old alike. With 30 years in the horse industry, I bring my varied background, and knowledge of riding, training, and competition to every saddle fitting appointment.





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