Debbie Witty with Lionheart, her 8-year-old Mecklenburg Gelding

Debbie Witty and Trilogy Saddles

A lifelong equestrian, Debbie Witty grew up and still lives in Ithaca, New York. Debbie said growing up in a horse family was a blessing as she was surrounded by seasoned horsemen that would stand over the top of her and guide her to perfect her style in training, grooming and bandaging legs from the time she was old enough to hot walk race horses. During college she was offered a research assistant position at Cornell Veterinary College. “I worked at the Veterinary College for 10 years, galloping and driving race horses to evaluate horses musculature, blood chemistries, heart rates and blood pressures and the affects of exercise on all of those parameters. I was also responsible for the management of 150 horses at an off-campus facility with breeding stock and donation horses.”

In the late ‘80s, Debbie started her dressage career that took her to the show ring through third level. “By the mid ‘90s I had developed a clientele of 20 lower level students,” Debbie said. “I have worked with novice riders to top professionals and I have learned that many of them share the same saddle concerns.”

Parlaying on her solid equestrian background, Debbie opened a tack store in 1989 and then headed to Southern California from 2003 to 2005 where she established Performance Saddlery. With the addition of her line of Trilogy Saddles, Debbie works tirelessly to make sure that her team of saddle fitters are the best trained fitters in the field and they benefit from support and on going training in new techniques and methods of evaluation. “Clients saddles are hand delivered and custom flocked to their horses. Our customers value this one on one specialized treatment,” Debbie said.

When Olympians Debbie McDonald and Courtney King-Dye prepared to go down the centerline to represent their county, it was Debbie Witty who made sure that their saddles were the perfect compliment to their performance. It is no secret that Debbie has spent years helping top riders such as Debbie McDonald, Courtney King-Dye, Shannon Peters, Guenter Seidel and George Williams with their saddle needs. Despite her reputation for fitting the nation's top equestrians, Debbie Witty is equally committed to providing the correct saddle and fit to every client and every horse." The structure was just sort of off. And her amateur clients will tell you “she makes each of feel as important as any Olympian”.

Debbie Witty is a certified saddle fitter from the Society of Master Saddlers of England. After recognizing a need in the market place for a saddle line that addressees more of the horse and riders needs, Debbie developed her line of Trilogy Saddles. “It is extremely rewarding to build saddles that provide horses and their riders more comfort, make the riders more effective and truly enhance performance,” Debbie said.

Trilogy Dressage Saddles are built in England by some of the most experienced craftsmen in the world. They feature a British tree made of laminated Beechwood, and a specially tanned hide from England that offers the rider an elastic broken-in feel. “Our designs are effective for both horse and rider. The leather is grippy and already broken in for the closest contact,” Debbie said.

Design and craftsmanship aside, it is truly the service that Performance Saddlery provides that puts the Trilogy Saddlles in a league of their own. Many riders don’t realize that their saddle is akin to a car in that regular service and maintenance keep the saddle performing like new. Debbie strives to provide superior service to her Trilogy Saddle customers.

Perfomance Saddlery has created an “after care program” to monitor client’s success and satisfaction via post purchase interviews, surveys and touching base at competitions. “We encourage our clients to keep us informed of any changes in their horse, training program and any concerns that they have. We like to be kept in the loop and encourage riders to have their saddles evaluated every six to nine months to keep them well tuned for the best performance.”


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